Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Ultimate Six Blogs

Since I started actively blogging not too long ago, I have also done a fair bit of blogwalking. The more I explored, the more hooked I got. For the adventurous and curious, the stuff to be found on the blogosphere is truly awesome!

The best blogs are written by people who are passionate about their field of interest and who write entertaining, creative and useful posts that provide much reading pleasure for their followers. In fact some blogs have such a powerful impact that they have changed the way people think, live, eat and even dress! Food for thought not?

OK I better stop rambling and get to the point of this post. In no particular order, these are the blogs that have made it to my "Reading List". Here's why:

1. awaken . your . wander . lust [ ]

There are tonnes of travel blogs out there, but this blog stood out because it appeals to me as an aspiring solo traveler. It is written by Katia, a 21 year old travel and food junkie who has traveled all over the world. Pretty awesome huh?

The writer of this blog does not only post great pics and rave about the exotic places she has visited. Her blog is unique in the sense that it offers useful information to the single woman traveler on a budget like me! Her motto is, if she can do it, so can many other women out there.

2. Unique People   [ ]

The greatest styles are not only to be found on the runaway, fashion inspiration can be found on the streets of any city in the world as "The Sartorialist" has shown us. However as popular as this blog is, there are other street style blogs worth looking at.

For sometime now, "Unique People" has been my regular dose of eye candy when it comes to street styles. Why I like this blog? The people featured look regular yet stylish. You don't have to be a slim fashionista or some punk rocker look alike to be profiled on this blog. Plus unlike "The Sartorialist" that features some rather outrageous looks which only the truly daring can carry off, the styles featured here are easier to emulate  and provides oodles of inspiration for style lovers like me.

3. laisse-tomber-les-filles [ ]

Sometimes the best fashion stories are to be found in the web journals of fashion lovers than those who actually write about it for a living. It's been an age since I purchased Vogue or Harpers Bazaar. Why should I? When I can feast my eyes on beautiful images of stylish scenes and people, and read the musings of a writer who breathes style by visiting one of my favourite blogs.

4. Bonescythe Property   [ ]

Who reads property blogs right? Well the older I get, I have come to realise the importance of being in the know about matters property related. So does this mean that I have to constantly read the property section in the newspapers or subscribe to a property magazine? Well I found an easier way to stay up-to-date via "Bonescythe Property", and it does not cost a cent!

This site keeps me abreast with the latest happenings in the home and commercial property market and also links to other property portals on the net. And unlike a business publication where the writing style can be rather wordy, the posts on this site is written in an engaging manner in simple English.

5.  You Had Your Lunch?  [ ]

I have a confession to make, though I'm a born and bred Malaysian, there is much in multicultural Malaysia that I have yet to try - food wise. So I was pleasantly surprised to come across a food blog written by an English girl working in Kuala Lumpur, who judging by her posts, has explored further than I, the exotic food of this multicultural paradise.

I would highly recommend this blog to food lovers out there who want to know more about Malaysian food and the author's experiences dining at the various food joints in the city. There are many food blogs out there, but some are so difficult to read - unnecessary pop-out images, too many irrelevant photos, disjointed writing.

This blog however has "Professional Food Reviewer" stamped all over it. The writer has a good grasp of her subject matter and the whole look of the blog is neat, making it easy to read and appreciate.

6. Thou art So Beautiful [ ]

The writer of this blog is an aspiring film maker and novelist. When he's not writing great reviews on Indian cinema, he entertains his readers with thought provoking works of fiction. Sometimes the best stories are those that have yet to see print, and the most in-depth reviews are written by those that have no commercial interest - that's what this site is about. Those who appreciate good writing, original ideas and deep thoughts like me, will love this blog! 

Well that's all folks! hope my fellow Nuffnangers out there enjoy reading these blogs as much as I have.

This post was written in commemoration of Blog Day


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