Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stylish After 50

There is no age limit to being stylish and fashionable. One's fashion sense does not melt away into the sunset after 50. Plus there's absolutely no rule that says a woman in her 60s or 70s who has grandchildren must stop wearing make-up, painting her nails and wearing lovely clothes.

Way too often have I heard the common refrain: " So old already why must dress up, who is going to look at us?" or "Already a grandmother, why want to do all this some more...." Said in typical Malaysian lingo of course!

First of all, I don't get the concept of dressing up for other people. When you look good, you feel good, it is as simple as that. It is not about the number of people who might stop by to lavish you with compliments. It is about making a statement about who you are - someone who believes in looking good by wearing clothes that compliment her. Forget the white streaks in your hair, those faint lines on your face.

Clothes, shoes and accessories don't have a tag on them saying that it's best worn by women 30 plus and below. So I don't quite get it when older women go on and on about avoiding bright colours. Being 50 and above doesn't mean that you have to confine yourself to greys and browns. It's like being older means a woman is automatically obliged to sink into the woodwork.

In an earlier post I spoke about how I love to blogwalk and sniff out interesting blogs. So I turned to my trusted companion Google and surprise, surprise.......I found these VERY interesting style blogs written by and featuring stylish women - all 50 and above.

Ageless Fashionistas

This blog is written by Patti who doesn't believe in receding gracefully into the style closet. Besides showcasing her own sense of style, this 50-something professional also demystifies what works and what doesn't for mature women.

Ariane believes that one can have fun with fashion after 50. And she certainly does! Her love of colours, vintage clothing and styling is reflected in what she wears. See for yourself.........

Ari Seth Cohen the creator of Advanced Style believes that personal style advances with age. He roams the streets of New York looking for fashionable older folk to be featured in his blog. Like this lady for instance.

Whether you be older or younger, hope the stylish folks featured here inspire you to put a little zing in your wardrobe whether you're heading to work, a party or an informal get-together with friends. Have a fab week ahead :)


Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Jothi said...

Hi buddy! Nice of you to drop by =)

Nava.K said...

I really agree with that you have stated "When you look good, you feel good".

I don't have an issue on is as I am also concern over how I look and with a supporting hubby who already encourage me and also give me the pocket money to do that.

BTW, in 3 years time I will be hitting the big 50 and I will still continue paying attention in looking good.

Jothi said...

Way to go Nava! A supporting husband is a gem indeed, lucky you :)

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Thank you so much for featuring my blog, and in such distinguished company too!

Jothi said...

My pleasure Patti :)

Style Sud-Est said...

Thank you for featuring me and the lovely Patti we are 2 opposites but i admire her style so much- I am so pleased in this world of fast fashion and young girls that more Fabulous Ladies over 50 are being noticed, it is about time, cause we rock!

Thank you again - Ariane xxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Again could you send me the link on my e-mail address - the one you put in my comments does not seem to work -


Thanks again


Jothi said...

Thanks for dropping by Ariane! It was a pleasure to feature both you and Patti. I believe that a true fashionista rocks at any age - one of the reasons I decided to write this post. Looking forward to seeing more of your stylish pics :)

zombie haunts the bakery said...

wow..they have such a good fashion sense. The ladies in the photos don't look weird at all in those outfits but oppositely, they look younger =)

Jothi said...

They are very stylish yes :) And I bet there are many more older women out there who are just as stylish!