Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tweet for Change

Do you know that many individuals in the Twitter universe have brought about great change by the power of a single tweet? Considering that a tweet cannot exceed 140 characters, that's pretty awesome stuff!

To highlight the stories of these folks and to inspire others to do the same, Twitter on Tuesday (November 1) launched Twitter Stories - A site for Twitter users to share their experiences of how their one tweet brought about meaningful change.

Each month Twitter will share a new collection of stories. Here's a snapshot of a few stories from the first series:

A Life Saved
One man tweeted - "Sh*t I need a kidney". In just a few days, 19 people responded and a match was eventually found.

The Power of Marketing
 How Japanese fishermen use Twitter to sell their catch even before returning to shore.

Public Transportation Woes
Frustrated about the lack of information on trains, Ravi Pina created a system for commuters to get alerts through Twitter. The account has 400 contributors and 7000 followers. Shall we also create one for the erratic Malaysian public bus service?

Death at his Door
As armed men entered his home during the height of the revolution, a Tunisian man's desperate tweet for help saved his life.

The Tweeting Judge
A Kenyan judge becomes the first African chief justice to encourage communication between the people and the courts. I'm having visions of Malaysian judges tweeting, somehow I don't think that's gonna be so cool.

It's Tweetwalk now!
Burberry tweeted all their looks for London Fashion Week before the models even hit the runaway. They put the public before the snooty fashion crowd. Wow!


During the Bersih rally, participants used Twitter to great effect as they kept up a steady stream of updates on what was happening in the locked down city. A potential candidate for Twitter Stories? Or perhaps such a story has already been submitted.

Join the movement

Though it's barely a few days old, the account @Twitterstories already has 160,000 followers and the stories have not stopped pouring in. Lets have some Malaysian stories in there with the rest of the world, send your awe inspiring tales by mentioning @twitterstories or by using the hashtag #twitterstories. Include links to photos or videos that will help tell your story.

All the best with those tweets! Have an awesome weekend everyone =)


Nava.K said...

Amazing how news travel so fast these day with the power of tweeting. Though I have an account for tweeter, I have to admit that I am really into it.

zombie haunts the bakery said...

wow, so thst's the power of twitter O.O
I'm actually more active on fb and i think that i should sign in more often on twitter to check out the latest tweets as well ~

Jothi said...

Yup Nava though I have a twitter account, have not been tweeting that much too.....but must start :D

Jothi said...

Hiya Zombie! Ya I think most of us are more on FB compared to Twitter.

toninkush said...

I used to make fun of the Twitter concept but not long after, I became an active Twitterer. It is indeed a very powerful and convenient tool to keep people connected.

Chatime #ChurpOut

Jothi said...

Hiya! Thanks for dropping by. Those guys who started Twitter certainly knew what they were doing :)