Monday, August 15, 2011

Social Media Posters

Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus should consider hiring Aaron Wood and Brian Winfield Moore for future advertising campaigns. These two savvy illustrators have taken branding and imagery to a new level with their brilliant retro inspired posters of these three social media giants.

Aaron an illustrator drew inspiration for his posters from wartime propaganda. So yeah, if there was such a thing as social media during "The Blitz", the Allied Forces and Axis Powers might have reached out to people with powerful symbolism like these.

Brian a media designer, derived the idea for his posters from the 2009 Iran election protest, activism, censorship and citizen journalism.

Aaron's posters

Brian's posters

Aaron's posters can be purchased from Etsy while Brian's is available at:


{erisha} said...

i've always had a soft spot for vintage art... well basically anything vintage and retro - photography, illustrations, arts and crafts, you name it!

Love both artists' work :)

Jothi said...

The moment I saw those posters, I knew I had to share it on my blog, it just blew me away!