Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hot Mama or Hot Papa?

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 If I gained a Ringgit each time I hear the phrase "Hot Mama", I would be rich, so freaking rich. Thanks to the advent of social media, this has become the most over used and overrated phrase each time a woman with kids posts a pic of herself in which she looks um just OK.

Yeah I get it, your friend has just posted a pic of herself sans kids at a party or at some holiday destination. So you wanna be nice, friendly, or just comment for the heck of it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not writing this to belittle those mums who posted the photos.

Some of them look great, some of them look OK, some of them look like how they have always looked, even before they had kids. Nothing wrong with these gals, great that they have a life outside of motherhood. But what irritates me is the almost flagrant use of the term. If they are hot, why can't it be: "Hei you look hot!" Why add the "mama". She's hot coz she's hot, what has it got to do with motherhood?

Is it unnatural for a woman who has had kids to look good? Do the majority of them look like a sack of potatoes, so that the ones who don't are hot mamas? Yeah I know that a woman's body changes after she has kids. In differing degrees depending on the person. But not everyone who has had kids are battling fat genes.

We no longer live in an age where childbirth ruins a woman for good. Those times were different, women had children one after another, they did not have proper care, diet and nutrition. Those who were not of nobility, not only raised many children, but were also subjected to hard labour. So that was then, History!

Back to the present, we are talking about modern mums who are posting pics on Facebook. Not some rural peasant woman. So people why do you keep hot mama-ing these women. Does being a mum mean everything you do, how you look, all relate back to the fact that you are a mum?

How come I have never heard the phrase "Hot Papa"? Is it coz it is the woman who is expected to undergo a metamorphosis after having kids? These days many dads play an active part in bringing up their kids too. So is it not likely that the maturity that comes with being a dad and providing for a family might imprint itself on a man too?

So why not say hot papa the next time a father of three posts a photo of himself doing something cool on FB or Google Plus in the future.

According to the Urban Dictionary, hot mama means - wicked hot girl, a fine ass bitch, or a particularly attractive woman with at least one child.

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{erisha} said...

hmm.. this is interesting. Really interesting and it got me thinking. I guess the phrase hot papa doesn't occur as often (I assume there are possible occurrences) because society puts more emphasis on woman when it comes to children/having kids/maternity/pregnancy...etc