Friday, August 20, 2010

Stick Straight

Does being beautiful mean having a long glossy mane? I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of seeing shampoo advertisements where the models sashay about with sleek long hair.

It's already the 2000's, get with it Shampoo manufacturers, such hair is no longer the Asian beauty ideal.  And realistically, not all of us can have hair like that, no matter how many bottles of said shampoo we pour on our heads!

Well I digress, this post is not a rant against shampoo manufacturers, but about hair straightening or better known as rebonding in this part of the world. Rebonding is an interesting breakthrough in the hair care industry that enables those with wavy, curly or frizzy hair to have straight hair.

I say interesting because it gives us options. With rebonding, those with frizzy manes can actually experiment with the straight look. However too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. And that seems to be the case with rebonding.

The advent of this method of hair straightening has given rise to rebonding junkies - People who religiously run to the saloon to iron out their hair when it starts to grow out. What baffles is when even people with naturally straight hair keep running to the saloon to er......iron out their straight hair?

The thing with rebonding is that it only looks good with hair that is fairly thick. Those with limp/thin hair should as far as possible try not to subject their hair to this intense hair make-over because the end result is that their hair screams: "I have been rebonded!" They end up with limp, stick like looking hair. Now how sexy is that?

Hair Damage

The harsh chemicals used in the rebonding process will serve to damage hair in the long run. For someone who jumped on the rebonding bandwagon many years ago, I should know.

Constant rebonding makes your hair strands very rough, especially the ends. Hair starts to fall out constantly too. Loosing hair for those who have thick manes is not so bad. But what about those who don't?

Yet despite knowing all this, people still persist in constantly straightening their hair out. Many women out there cannot imagine life without sleek straight hair, So they brave trip after trip to the saloon just to have umm.....pretty hair?


madscorpionn said...

it's amazing how stereotype malaysian society still is. it's always about straight hair and milk-white skin no matter that u're born with dark genes. i always refused to do rebonding, just because ppl expected it of me at the time. it has struck me for some time how, dove ads around the world are attempting to embrace the 'natural woman' and yet the ads shown here still have a smidgeon of the stereotype in it. a while back there was a dove ad which had more natural-looking women but it didn't seem to last too long - haven't seen it for ages now. ppl should just be thankful they have skin to protect them from the elements and hair at all - betul tak?

jothijeyasingam said...

I'm going to steal that quote: "People should just be thankful they have skin to protect them from the elements and hair at all!" My next post is about milky white skin - for your reading pleasure :)