Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lunch Time

I detest lunch hour. Why? because that's when the mass of humanity swarm out of their offices and descend upon the food courts, restaurants, cafes etc.

For me venturing out during lunch hour means:

  • Having to contend with noise pollution.

  • Having to wait in long queues to buy food or wait forever for my order to arrive.

  • The waiter is more likely to get  my order mixed up during peak hours such as lunch.

  • I would be more likely to encounter people who might irritate the hell out of me.

Another lunch hour hazard for me is having to make boring polite talk with people whom I have little in common with.

My idea of a perfect lunch hour is from 1.45pm to a little over 2.30pm. I would rather work through lunch and venture out later for a quick meal. The benefits of which are:

  • Food arrives faster.

  • I can have a relaxing and quiet meal.

  • I can browse the newspaper or a read a book in peace.

After a little quiet solitude and good food, I am ready to return to the office invigorated and refreshed.

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