Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Facebook Movie

Ever thought of making a movie? Nope? Not even a slideshow of pictures accompanied by your favourite song.....? Well I suppose most of us would be too lazy to put our PowerPoint or amateur movie making skills to good use unless it was for a specific purpose.

If you fall into the above category, you might want to give the Facebook Timeline Movie Maker a try. This nifty app was created by Marketing Agency Definition 6 and Facebook. The app will scan your entire Facebook life and pull out random photos, videos and stuff posted to your profile to create a short history of your Facebook life.

Quick and Easy

Just log into your Facebook account and type "Timeline Movie Maker" in the search function. Oh and this app only works if the Timeline feature on your profile has been activated.

This page will appear, click the green button. The app will ask permission to access data from your profile. Your movie will be ready in a jiffy. However in order for your movie to be made, you will need to have at least 50 photos on your profile which have been shared with "friends".

Once your information and photos has been processed, the page will look like this. The app will not immediately post the video to your profile, you share it only if you want to.

The Cons.....

As cool as this app is, the bummer is that you can't download the video or post it anywhere else besides Facebook. Which is why all I can share with you is the above image and not the link to my video.

From what I read about this app, the user can remake the video by choosing the images they want, however I found that this was rather difficult to do. Also the app picks too many photos from one album instead of randomly selecting from different albums. As such I felt my video lacked variety in terms of the images chosen.

Well maybe a more refined version will be available in the future. Overall I'm sure all those who use it will agree that it's kinda fun to summarise your entire Facebook experience and share it with friends.


Wanzi said...

good info, before this I do not know how to use this application. Thank you for sharing info

Jothi said...

You're welcome :) And thanks for dropping by!

LuPorTi said...

Oh? Now only I know there is such thing in FB.

Jothi said...

Do try it out :)