Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gripevine Nanged!

On National Day which also happens to be Blog Day, Nuffnang threw a challenge to its community of bloggers - do some blogwalking and recommend six new interesting blogs. Kinda like unearthing previously undiscovered gems no?

Being bit of a blog junkie myself, the challenge was too tempting to resist. Well I didn't win, the worthy winner is: http://pink-latte.blogspot.com/ who is Nuffnang's featured blogger for the month of October. Congrats Li Kee! Here's the link to her winning entry: http://pink-latte.blogspot.com/2011/08/blogs-around-world.html.

Win I did not, but I was pleasantly surprised that the folks at Nuffnang thought my recommendations good enough for a honourable mention. Thanks guys! *flattered* Now this is added inspiration for me to take part in future Nuffnang activities. Looking forward :)

I hope the blogs I recommended gain more views and more readers. For they are certainly worth the read! That aside, there doesn't need to be a contest for us to highlight new blogs. I'm constantly hunting down cool  blogs (interesting and unique content grabs my attention). So from time to time I will be posting my recommendations here.

Cheerio folks!


Kelvin said...

The travel and food blog u recommended is not bad:)

Jothi said...

Thanks Kelvin! I hope you enjoy reading them :)

Small Kucing said...

Congratulations :) Didnt win but being mentioned is something good also

Jothi said...

Isn't it? :) Thanks dear!

Afif Kamal said...

Hey, If I'm not mistaken I've read one of your post on the six-other-blog thingy. I think yours is quite good. Btw, never knew you're the one who commenting on one of my post. What a coincidence.


Jothi said...

Thank you! Yup its a coincidence indeed :)