About this Blog

I attended a scriptwriting workshop a few years ago where someone asked me what I had written? It then occurred to me that despite calling myself a "writer", I had not really written anything - except for a sprinkling of poetry and some amateurish scribbles during my teenage years. The bulk of what I had written was work - news articles and such.

When one is a writer, one should write, at least a little, news reporting is hardly writing, plus it never gave me the writer satisfaction I craved. Hence this blog.....it serves as my outlet to gripe about the things I dislike, wax lyrical about my passions, express my opinions, and to twitter away about whatever catches my fancy.


The Wanderer said...

Hi Jothi,

Thanks for following my blog! I agree with you: "When one is a writer (or at least one with writing as his/her passion), one should write, at least a little (once in a while, if I may say)!



Jothi said...

Hullo Christine,

My thoughts exactly! Writing is kinda like food for the soul in my opinion.

Geri Ohara said...

Hi Jothi A blog is a wonderful place to express yourself 'twitter' or rant and to try and improve your skills.

all the best Geri

Jothi said...

Thanks for your kind words Geri! All the best to you to :)