Friday, September 12, 2014

Cabbie for the blind

On August 30, I saw a post by a friend on my Facebook timeline that made my day. An FB user who goes by the name Eddie Fendy Mkah posted that he offers taxi services to blind people with guide dogs. This is a screenshot of the Facebook post.

In any other country or any other situation, no one would have batted an eyelid if they came across this post. But this is Malaysia, and animal lovers here, both non-Muslims and Muslims are fighting an arduous battle against the huge bias and fear of dogs in Malaysian society.

So deep rooted is this fear and lack of understanding of man's best friend that in May this year, visually impaired Stevens Chan was asked to leave a mall because he had his faithful guide dog Lashawn in tow. After being told to leave, he could not even get a cab home, because the drivers did not want a dog in their cab.

In light of the problems faced by Chan which shone a harsh spotlight on the plight of the visually impaired, Eddie's post went viral on Facebook and earned him the admiration of many Malaysians.

The following week, this kind hearted cabbie whose real name is Mohd Kamil Affendy Hashim was featured in The Ant Daily, Malay Mail Online and The Star Online.

Cabbie who finds dogs to be more palatable passengers

Hop on board doggie, says cabbie

Visionary cabbie warms netizens' hearts

Hopefully more kind hearted cabbies will start coming forward to offer taxi services for the visually impaired and their guide dogs.

And to all those who do, "Semoga murah rezeki selalu".