Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rape in the 21st Century

 In the first study of its kind, more than 10,000 men in Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka were interviewed on the prevalence of rape.

The study by South Africa's Medical Research Coucil revealed the following:

  • Almost one in four men surveyed in Asia said they committed rape at least once.

  • One in 10 men said they had raped a woman who wasn’t their partner.

  • Just under half of the perpetrators said they had raped more than one woman.

  • The most common reason men gave for the violence was sexual entitlement, followed by entertainment and the wish to punish the woman.

  • Men with a history of physical violence against a partner, or who had paid for sex or had had a large number of sexual partners were more likely to rape someone they didn’t know.  

The study which aims to create a safer future for the next generation of women and girls was published by the Lancet Global Health Journal.
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