Friday, July 29, 2011

Does Everyone Want to Marry a Prince?

Doesn't the whole I wanna marry a prince charming thing belong in fairy tales? Where either an oppressed young woman like Cinderella, or those who are under the clutches of an evil witch/spell need to be rescued by the kiss of true love.

Real life princes though don't come from the same mould. How many dashing, handsome, real life princes do you know? The last time I checked, most of them had balding pates, hardly qualify as handsome, and seem to take an awful long time to propose to their supposed true loves, or those who were patient enough to wait it out.

Plus marrying a real life prince ain't all glitz and glamour. It's more like exchanging a life of freedom for one in a fishbowl. And in this age of social media, keeping anything private can be tough. Especially your past. Unless you lived like Rapunzel until your prince came along, or slept for a 100 years like Sleeping Beauty.

Plus you will still be expected to provide the requisite male heir. A male heir who will serve as a figurehead, not an Alexander who will go off  to conquer new lands. Your every move will be monitored, you gotta love fashion and follow in Princess Di's footsteps - especially if you marry into a European royal house.

So despite all of the above, why are royal weddings so......hyped up? After the mess that was Charles and Diana, the Brits really got all excited over Wills and Kate did they not? Was it just a love of pageantry or do they still believe in fairy tales?

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There was so much of hype about a commoner becoming a Duchess. During the telecast of the Wills and Kate nuptials, one television commentator went on and on about how proud Kate's parents must be. That when Carole Middleton first beheld her daughter as an infant, she would never have imagined that one day Kate would marry into royalty, blah, blah. That her life would never be the same bet her life will never be the same again! Till the day she drops dead, her every move will be scrutinised to death!

The way I see it, Wills and Kate seem as ordinary as can be, it just happens that he is heir to the British crown, that's all. Plus Kate is no Diana. Not in the looks department or in the fashion sense. But unlike Charles and Di, Wills and Kate give the appearance of being better matched as a couple. Plus those who expect Kate to turn into some British Jackie Onassis are in my opinion deluded.

And the latest royal wedding concluded earlier this month was that of Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock. Yup he FINALLY got hitched. When I heard that, I was like you mean he wants to have kids the legal way? No kidding.......!!

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I never saw the romance in that union. And it appears I might be right. Albert was busy telling everyone that he and Charlene were looking forward to having kids. Based on reports that surfaced barely after the wedding, it appears that Albert might have done some fathering, just not with Charlene.

Which explains all the rumours about the former Olympic swimmer wanting to flee Monaco days before her wedding, and that the couple spent most of their honeymoon in South Africa sleeping apart in different hotels. According to The Telegraph, palace officials have confirmed that Prince Albert faces a paternity test.

For now the couple have put on a brave face, suing a French publication for spreading false rumours of a discord before their wedding. So it remains to be seen how this union goes considering its already rocky start.

Even if Albert is proven not to have fathered a third illegitimate child, In my opinion that stunning blonde could have found a better man than aging, decaying, paunchy Albert.

The other side of the coin.......

Marrying into royalty means marrying into money. Lavish holidays, designer clothes, hobnobbing with the rich and famous. So never mind that "Prince Charming" is not so charming, and what is bearing an heir or two compared to a life of secured opulence. 

Some say that is why Charlene agreed to marry Albert. She would give him a legal heir, and in exchange lead the good life. For now that is mere speculation, but that kind of thing sounds like making a deal with the devil or selling your soul to him!

That being said, the lives of royalty these days is far different from that of a bygone era. Nowadays when even those at the top have to show that they are being stringent, what is so fun about being royal? Even wearing too many jewels could invite criticism.

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Queen Rania famously wore a borrowed tiara to her coronation and lives in a villa instead of a palace. She is one cool royal who uses her crown to effective measure - championing causes to improve the lot of Middle Eastern women and using her business training skills to lure investment to her country.


ken said...

i dont mind getting a princess girlfriend.. *dreaming* :P

Jothi said...

LOL there are still some available ones I think :)

Nava.K said...

There's plenty of issues about being a prince and at the same time the fame and fortune too. All said, money is an attraction factor these days, even in just relationships.

Jothi said...

Yup money is a BIG factor in many relationships these days.

Jeff Chuah said...

everyone does want to marry into the royal family...

Jothi said...

Everyone who believes in fairy tales you mean....

Small Kucing said...

Hi Jothi

Thanks for dropping by my book blog

Agree with you. Money is a big attraction in most relationship

Nah...I wouldn't want to marry into royal family. Constantly being in the spotlight is no fun. In fact, it may even break a marriage.

Jothi said...


Twas my pleasure, I'm quite the book lover myself :). Yup good point, all those short-lived Hollywood marriages are a prime example.

{erisha} said...

i can say for myself that i'm definitely not in the "everyone" list.

speaking of money in relationships, it's sad to see that people these days, no longer see the true love and all it's rich qualities when it comes to love. Evidently, it's all been replaced by wealth and fame

Jothi said...

It makes a relationship very empty when all a person goes for is social trappings. At the same time, men who use the size of their bank account to woo women are in my opinion rather "poor" too. Sounds like an idea for a future post ;)