Sunday, June 21, 2009

Malaysian Cabbies: Part 2

Dishonest, rude and criminal Malaysian taxi drivers now have a new god. Said god being no another than Minister in Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz. Yup that bright spark of the BN government actually came out in support of a fare hike for cab drivers. Under the new ruling, starting fares for taxis would increase from RM2 to RM3 for the first kilometre. And what made the bitter pill even harder to swallow was his moronic statement that those who take cabs are actually financially sound! now how would he know that? did he hire a research firm to conduct an in-depth study on the income levels of those who commute by cabs, before the new ruling was put in place?? Obviously not I reckon! which explains why he's been a minister without a ministry of his own for so.....long.....hmmm.

Why we take cabs
I say this on behalf of all other frequent cab commuters out there. Although we would love to all together avoid having to contend with rude cabbies, we have no choice but to do so because PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IN THIS COUNTRY SUCKS!! Can you hear that Nazri? so stop being in denial and say stupid things like "take the bus", the buses in this country don't come on time. If it did, there would be another tsunami or worse still an earthquake.

Nazri thy name is stupidity
Ok, ok, so Nazri is in denial about the sad state of public transportation in this country, or perhaps he's been chauffeured around for so....long (perks of being a minister, even a stupid one) that he "tak sedar" how bad it is for us common folk. But did he really, really have to come out and say: " Or they can ask their husbands, wives, relatives or friends to fetch them." I am quite sure that no minister in a first world country would have been allowed to get away with a statement like that. They would have had to hold a slew of press conferences later to explain their gaffe. But mind you this is no gaffe for Nazri, the man probably thinks it's a brilliant idea to suggest that all of us become less independent and depend on our families and friends to ferry us around. I am considering making a recommendation to Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka to add another name for "bodoh" in the Malay dictionary, yup you guessed it, its Nazri of course! Indeed he is the Pak Pandir of modern Malaysia. Sigh..

Uniquely Malaysian
Only in this country can the government increase the fair for public transportation without putting in place measures to improve the standard of service. Only in this country can a cab driver be charged for a brutal rape and be let out on a measly amount of bail and not have his taxi licence revoked. Why? because the judge bought the argument of the defence counsel that the alleged rapist needed to earn a living to support his family. So a man who might be a very dangerous criminal still gets to go around picking up passengers.

So in short our government is willing to bow to the demands of transport associations without first demanding that they ensure quality service from the transport companies that operate under them. And we the rakyat shall continue to be literally taken for a ride by errant cab drivers.

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G said...

Can't wait to read more =)Stupid Nazri thinks we're rich cause we're taking cabs..dude..if we're really rich we'll just get a car instead of being "taken for a ride" by cabbies.He should try taking the bus once in awhile. See how he likes having to wait two hours for a bus thats suppose to move every 15 minutes. Why? Cause the dam driver is busy smoking/sleeping/eating/chatting with his friends...