About the Scribe

I love

Reading, writing, history, mythology, watching plays & musicals, hanging out at cafes, doing nothing, exploring  the occult and the mystical side of life which I have a particular fascination for, and fashion - someday when I have improved on my photography skills, I fancy setting up a blog along the lines of "The "Sartorialist".

I like

The unconventional in all its forms, I admire originality and eccentricity in people. I am hardly one to deify a rebel, but I like people who have the courage to go against the grain, whether it's the way they live their lives, or saying what needs to be said at the risk of being unpopular.

I dislike

Class consciousness, the mercenary & materialistic, hypocrisy, loud people, a preachy attitude, polite conversation (makes me yawn, I prefer silence), superficial people, rumour mongers, politicking. The list is endless.

What I want

To age like Dorian Gray, see the pyramids, walk about the ruins of the Acropolis, dive to the bottom of the seabed, visit as many ancient temples that I can cram into a lifetime, publish a magazine, write more poetry, blog more, write stories on interesting people and things, create a modest home of beauty and comfort, and basically just to live life on my own terms.

What I don't want

To be an organisational slave, to have to suck up to people, to live by unwritten societal rules that have no meaning, to identify with a caste or a community, to wear a uniform ( even if it's just for a day), to be a housewife with squalling kids, to be in debt, to have more than one credit card......there's more.....just can't think of any right now.

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